Genesis of Man

Escape from ARC107

A return home?

The story so far…

After waking from Cryo on ARC (Andromeda Reconnaissance Corps) 107, the party discovers the ship is running on emergency power and that they are among the sole survivors on the ship. The ship, discovered on a Collision course for a pulsing ripple of energy in space is straining under the immense gravity fluctuations. Recognising that the situation is dire and the only options are to escape or die, the party boards the ship’s shuttle and makes a last second escape from the ARC to discover the ship is no longer in deep space, but it is now crashing into an asteroid belt. Many members of the party have a sense of Deja-Vu as they make their way out of the asteroid field and get their first view of the system they have just entered. It looks just like home! At that moment the party is hailed over the comms in a language they don’t entirely recognise and sensors indicate a large ship is approaching at speed from in system. The Shuttle is locked down remotely, and brought on-board the larger vessel. The airlocks are opened and the party is greeted by a squad of uniformed soldiers with swords drawn, and many more at the ready. The party is quickly determined to be non-hostile, and they are brought on the ship, ushered into wheelchairs and rolled to the medical bay, while there you are examined by what you assume to be the medic, and your various and minor injuries are treated.


dwalker902 dwalker902

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